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Windows 10 Mobile Gets Better at Multitasking, Now Supports 16 Apps at Once

Windows 10 Mobile Gets Better at Multitasking, Now Supports 16 Apps at Once

Throughout the weekend, Microsoft discharged Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview Build 14267. The construct carries with it a scope of new elements and changes, for example, it is presently simpler for clients to open InPrivate tabs in Microsoft Edge, and do music seeks in Cortana. The Redmond, Washington-based organization has likewise discreetly enhanced the multitasking background on its versatile working framework, it shows up.
Clients who have upgraded to construct 14267 can now have upwards of 16 applications running at the same time, reports MSPoweruser. Preceding the upgrade, clients could just have up to eight applications keep running in the meantime. The change to the multitasking highlight could come convenient to numerous, particularly the individuals who have a cell phone with 2GB of RAM or more.
The construct likewise accompanies various different components including support for Word Flow in Microsoft Edge address bar. The organization says it has likewise made it less demanding to look for music in Cortana. There’s a music look symbol to the upper right of Cortana for that.
Private scanning in Microsoft Edge is additionally less demanding at this point. The organization has moved the InPrivate tab catch, and it now shows up by the new tab catch. Download prompts are likewise showing signs of improvement now in Microsoft Edge, giving you the alternative to scratch off undesirable downloads.

Interestingly, the manufacture is not accessible for Windows Insiders in the Fast ring with a Lumia 550. The organization says that it is examining an issue that is keeping the previously stated Lumia cell phone from charging when associated by means of USB.

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