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US DoJ Seeks to Force Apple to Extract Data From Dozen Other iPhones: Report

US DoJ Seeks to Force Apple to Extract Data From Dozen Other iPhones: Report

The US Justice Department is taking a gander at court orders compelling Apple Inc to offer specialists some assistance with extracting information from iPhones in around twelve undisclosed cases the nation over, the Wall Street Journal reported, refering to sources.
This move goes ahead the heels of the San Bernardino, California, shooting case.
Alternate telephones, which were seized in an assortment of criminal examinations, are included in situations where prosecutors are convincing the organization to offer them some assistance with bypassing the password security highlight of telephones that might hold prove, the Journal included.
In any case, the subtle elements of these dozen cases are not yet open and they don’t have a tendency to include any terrorism charges, the Journal said on Monday.
The dozen or so cases are likewise particular from San Bernardino in that a large number of them include telephones utilizing a more seasoned Apple working framework, which has less security boundaries to surmount, the Journal included.
The DOJ recorded a movement on Friday looking to force Apple to conform to a judge’s request to open the encoded iPhone fitting in with one of the San Bernardino shooters, depicting the tech monster’s refusal as an “advertising procedure.”
Apple on Monday encouraged the making of an administration board on encryption, the most recent salvo in a standoff over a bolted iPhone connected to the San Bernardino shooting that has swelled into an advertising fight between the innovation organization and the US Federal Bureau of Investigation.
Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook additionally sent a letter to representatives Monday morning, clarifying the organization’s hardline position declining to make programming to open the telephone addresses more extensive issues, not only a solitary gadget connected to a horrible assault.
Apple and the Justice Department couldn’t promptly be gone after remark outside customary business hours.

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