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This Wrong Command Could Brick Your Linux Laptop

This Wrong Command Could Brick Your Linux Laptop

On the off chance that you have a Linux-fueled PC, you would need to be additional cautious while deleting your current form from the gadget. Turns out, one order can wind up bricking your gadget.
The issue was initially reported by a client a month ago on Linux Arch discussion. The client noticed that he executed the “rm – rf – no-save root/” charge. This order should get free off the Arch form from the client’s MSI scratch pad, however it bricked the gadget.
“Be that as it may, the upsetting astonishment came when we attempted to boot into the BIOS subsequently: It didn’t work. The screen stays off, the HDD LED turns on for a brief moment however nothing else happens. Is it conceivable that we made perpetual harm the BIOS by running “rm – rf/” ?,” the client composed (by means of The Next Web).
As remarks on the gathering string bring up, the organizer/sys/firmware/efi/efivars, which stores scripts and boot data, got erased by the order. It ought to have been a perused just organizer, that is, keeping a client from making any composes on this envelope, in any case, that doesn’t appear to be the situation.
“Obviously, I would accuse whoever have outlined a firmware that is so effectively brickable. So’s, I likewise imagine that GNU/Linux (I mean the entire framework) ought to do with what they have. I discover it an issue that systemd mount such delicate index in a hardcoded way,” another client noted. “The best possible arrangement would be for systemd not to mount it unless it shows up in/and so on/fstab. That is what was the conventional method for mounting things. Note that efivars is not in the slightest degree vital to have a running framework.”

Presently, just MSI tablets appear to be influenced with the weakness, however you might not have any desire to attempt your fortunes with a portable PC from an alternate maker.

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