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This Cloud Storage Service Will Send You a Copy of Your Data on a Hard Drive for Free

This Cloud Storage Service Will Send You a Copy of Your Data on a Hard Drive for Free

There’s no deficiency of distributed storage administrations available, in any case, relatively few of them give you the alternative to get your information dispatched to you on a hard drive in an occasion of a crisis. BackBlaze, one of only a handful few organizations that offer such element, is currently taking things to the following level. The organization says that it will send over a hard drive to you with your information put away in it for nothing – if you send them back the hard drive.
In an occasion of Internet or power blackout, distributed storage administrations wouldn’t be a lot of an assistance since you won’t not have the capacity to get to the administration. This is the place Backblaze’s new element can prove to be useful. The organization says that it will transport its clients a duplicate of their information (up to 4TB) on an outside hard drive or a USB drive and discount the whole sum once a client has sent back the hard drive.
Backblaze is giving clients the alternative to keep the hard drive with them for up to 30 days. Do note that you can simply pay Backblaze $189 (generally Rs. 12,900) and own the hard drive. A 128GB glimmer drive sent your direction costs $99 (generally Rs. 6,700.
“Today we are reporting our Restore Return Refund program,” the organization wrote in a blog entry. “Throughout the previous 6 months we’ve had an experimental run program where a few clients asking for a hard drive restore were offered that in the event that they pay for return delivering and send their hard drive to us inside of 30 days of receipt, we would discount the $189 that they paid us.”

For those new. Backblaze offers reinforcement of a boundless measure of information from a solitary PC or Mac at a value purpose of $5 (generally Rs. 350) every month.

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