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South Korea Probes Google for Anti-Competitive Behaviour: Report

South Korea’s antitrust controller assessed Google’s Seoul central station to explore whether the firm is occupied with anti-competitive conduct over its Android working framework. Yonhap News Agency gave an account of Thursday.
Yanan, referring to anonymous sources, said the Korea Fair Trade Commission (KFTC) made the investigation a week ago and was examining whether Google constrained cell phone creators utilizing Android on their gadgets to not offer items utilizing other working frameworks.
Controllers started investigating the matter after the European Union brought charges against Google for anti-competitive conduct priority this year.
A man with direct learning of the matter told Reuters the KFTC led an on location review at Google’s South Korean central station however declined to expound further. Google and the KFTC refused to remark.
South Korea’s antitrust controller has examined Google some time recently. In 2013, the KFTC cleared Google of wrongdoing going through a two-year examination on whether the organization hurt rivalry by compelling cell phone creators utilizing Android to pre-load its web index on the handsets.

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