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Sony Unveils SD Cards
Sony Unveils SD Cards

Sony unveils SD cards so fast, they’ve bumped up against interface speed limits

Sony Unveils SD Cards another line of SD cards that aren’t quite recently quick — they’re equipped for hitting the crucial execution cutoff points of the Ultra High Speed II (shortened UHS-II) particular. That standard presents to 312MB/s of execution, while Sony is asserting 300MB perused/compose speeds for its new line of SF-G SD cards.

The UHS-II standard indicates a 156MB/s information rate when into equal parts duplex mode (perusing and composing at the same time) and a 312MB/s rate when just perusing or composing. Sony’s distributed claim of 300MB/s peruses and 299MB/s composes expect half-duplex operation, however, that is likely a sensible presumption since a great many people aren’t composing 4K video while at the same time endeavoring to peruse it.

These new cards aren’t accessible in higher limits, with 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB choices accessible. Different makers have sloped SD cards with 256GB and 512GB abilities, however Sony is obviously going to execute over limit with this item family. The 300MB read speed isn’t especially noteworthy, yet 300MB/s composes is something through and through various which is Sony Unveils SD Cards.

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Sony Unveils SD Cards

SD card surveys propose that a 299MB/s compose speed would put the Sony SF-G in its very own class. HaveCameraWillTravel checked on various SD cards and discovered just a single MicroSD card fit for keeping up a >200MB/s compose speed — the Lexar 1800x. That compose execution seems to have come to the detriment of reading execution, with the 1800x just turning 70.4MB/s of consecutive read execution.

As per Sony, its expanded execution is the consequence of firmware tuning and an on-board cushion. Here’s the means by which the organization depicts it:

With a write speed of up to 299 MB/s, enabled by Sony’s unique firmware, the SF-G Series will be the world’s fastest SD cards… It also contributes to a shorter buffer clearing time so users never miss a critical moment. Using Sony’s algorithm, the cards prevent the decrease of data-writing speeds and contribute to the camera’s ability of successive high speed shooting.

All things considered, Sony is overlooking one basically an imperative issue. The execution you’ll get from a camera, 4K or something else, isn’t only a component of the speed of the SD card. It’s likewise an element of the camera’s SD card controller. Envision connecting a USB 3.0 adhere to a USB 1.1 port and you’ll see the issue. A USB 3.0 drive may achieve insignificantly higher execution than its USB 1.1 partner, however it won’t come anyplace near what the interface can really accomplish. As per Tested.com, this is a known issue even on some top of the line cameras. While that article goes back to 2013, it catches the issue well. Standard’s 5D Mark III is a $3500 camera with a to a great degree quick CompactFlash opening and a moderate SD card space. That camera bolsters the UDMA7 convention (167MB/s hypothetical exchange rate) for its CF space, yet neglected to bolster either UHS-I or UHS-II. The SD card was hence constrained to only 25MB/s of greatest execution — endlessly slower than its CompactFlash opening.

The new Sony cards ought to be accessible to buy beginning this spring.


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