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Sony Announces February 22 Event at MWC 2016

Sony Announces February 22 Event at MWC 2016

After LG, Sony has additionally sent press welcomes for its MWC 2016 occasion. The MWC occasion is booked for February 22 at 7.30am GMT (8.30am CET or 1pm IST). The Japanese tech firm has not yet uncovered what gadget or administration it will present in the welcome, which just contains the hashtag #SonyMWC.
It merits specifying that Sony finally year’s MWC exchange show propelled its Xperia M4 Aqua cell phone nearby the Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet. Following the organization propelled its Z5 cell phone arrangement amid IFA 2015 in September, it won’t not present the successor just yet. The organization may likewise revive its wearable lineup at the exchange appear.
LG has its MWC 2016 keynote occasion planned for February 21. The welcome picture demonstrates a jack-in-the-case behind the content “Play starts”, abandoning us speculating what the gadget may be.
Sony prior this month at the CES 2016 exchange show dispatched another scope of multi-room skilled home excitement items, a vivid Walkman A26, and other individual sound items.
The organization reported two new speakers the Sony SRS-ZR7 and Sony SRS-ZR5. The previous is a four-speaker framework, while the last is a littler alternative that can be matched with the SRS-ZR7 for stereo sound. Likewise reported was another soundbar and sub-woofer mix, the HT-NT5 and HT-CT790. Compact speakers named the Sony SRS-XB2, Sony SRS-XB3, and the Sony GTK-XB7. We re additionally presented.

Other than the Walkman A26, Sony revealed a scope of remote dynamic clamor crossing out earphones as a component of its h.ear lineup. In the individual sound items line up, the Japanese tech goliath dispatched the in with no reservations one Walkman sound players, the WS413 and WS414, alongside the h.ear in and h.ear on remote earphones, and h.ear go versatile remote speaker. A remote on-ear headset, the MDR-XB650BT, likewise saw the light of the day at the tradeshow.

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