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Seagate now shipping seven-platter, helium-filled 10TB hard drive

Seagate is presently transporting its 10TB helium-filled hard drive in volume, and it’s hit this objective without utilizing executive punishing advances like SMR (Shingled Magnetic Recording). While early high-limit drives utilized SMR (an innovation in which part of every track is overlaid on the other, looking like shingles), it punishes drive composes contrasted and non-shingled opposite recording. SMR helps densities, however it harms read execution, and later drives from all sellers have moved back towards customary opposite recording.

Helium-fixed hard drives have been constantly advancing into server farms and endeavor drives. 10TB, Seagate is pushing the envelope on total drive limit too, with seven drive platters and 14 heads altogether.
This slide is taken from a HGST presentation, not Seagate, but rather it outlines why drive producers have moved to helium as one strategy for enhancing undertaking HDDs. By cutting resistance, they can stack more platters in a given space, accordingly expanding drive thickness. Diminished resistance can likewise cut force utilization; Seagate reports that helium HDDs can use as much as 2W less power for every drive than ordinary HDDs. 2W won’t seem like much, but rather on the off chance that you have a variety of a few thousand drives, cutting force utilization by 2W is a lot of investment funds that likewise lessens server farm cooling load.
Part of what’s driving this movement to helium over the venture business is the proceeding with development of solid state drives, or SSDs. While undertaking SSDs have been genuinely regularly over the business for various years, worries about unwavering quality and cost guaranteed that routine hard drives kept on controlling the general business sector. Diminishing expenses and the approach of advancements like 3D NAND have permitted organizations like Samsung to move back to more reputable 40nm procedure innovation with predominant unwavering quality and general execution. To put it plainly, 3D NAND/V-NAND can be used to make more dependable SSDs that perform better over the long haul.
While it’s valid there’s still a sizable hole amongst SSDs and HDDs in expense per-GB. That hole has been contracting drastically as of late. 1TB SSDs can be had for as meager as $219. The endeavor class SSDs that would contend with comparative items from HGST and Seagate are unfathomably more costly. In both supreme cost and cost-per-GB — however undertaking hard drives aren’t precisely known for being reasonable, either. List cost for a 6TB helium drive from HGST is presently ~$500, or twofold the cost for a customer 6TB drive.
Pushing drive limits upwards is one of the means undertaking makers can keep on countering infringing SSDs. Helium drive tech is one capacity that is not anticipated that would go to the mass business sector — the drives are excessively troublesome, making it impossible to make to effectively scale the innovation to the vicious universe of spending plan hard drives.

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