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Panasonic Launches Lumix GF8, a Mirrorless Camera for Selfie Enthusiasts

Panasonic Launches Lumix GF8, a Mirrorless Camera for Selfie Enthusiasts

Panasonic has declared the Lumix GF8, another conservative framework camera for selfies partners. Valuing and accessibility points of interest will take after soon. The GF8 is not very not the same as GF7, which dispatched last January, as the real changes are all product related. The excellence capacity offers modes like Soft Skin, Defocusing, and Slimming impacts. The Beauty Retouch capacity lets you add completing touches to your selfie, including putting on make-up. Unmistakably, the GF8 will take into account a particular gathering of people. The camera will be accessible in various shading trims like chestnut, pink and orange.
The Lumix GF8 sports a 16-megapixel Digital Live MOS sensor, sticking to the Micro Four Thirds standard. The camera likewise bolsters a most extreme ISO estimation of 25600, there’s full-HD video recording and burst method of 5fps (AFC, 1-range AF). You get the same 3-inch touchscreen show that is available on the GF7 with a 180-degree flip-up usefulness. The camera consequently goes into selfie mode when you flip the presentation upwards. There’s likewise inherent Wi-Fi for rapidly sharing your photos from your cell phone.

The GF8 offers a wide assortment of choices to create that flawless selfie, all in the camera itself. Subsequent to catching the selfie, one can change the photo further with Esthetic Retouch, which lets you clear any imperfections on your skin, brighten your teeth or even give yourself a cosmetic touch up. You can auto-draw in the shade too with the Face Shutter and Buddy Shutter capacities, which basically snap a photo on the off chance that you wave your hand before the lens or if the camera recognizes two confronts near one another in the edge.

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