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Oculus Boosts Rift VR Gear Availability

Oculus Connect designers gathering begins from October 5 this year
Oculus started dispatching its VR headsets in March this year
A solitary Oculus Rift VR headset costs $599
Oculus on Tuesday reported it is inclining up accessibility of its Rift virtual reality rigging and arranging a noteworthy meeting in October for designers making programming for it.
Facebook-possessed by Oculus said that all pre-requested Rift headsets have been sent to purchasers, and guaranteed that new requests made online at oculus.com will deliver inside four business days.
“We are required to apologize for the deferrals in getting Rifts to doorsteps,” the Oculus group said ina blog entry.
Oculus started offering its Rift virtual reality headsets priority this year for $599, a value which does exclude the expense of a PC that can deal with the handling and design requests of the innovation.
Oculus is likewise expanding stock at US shops, saying that individuals have the capacity to get their hands on Rift at select Microsoft stores and demo the headsets best case scenario Buy retail outlet areas.

The organization declared it will hold a three-day yearly Oculus Connect designers meeting in the Silicon Valley city of San Jose starting on October 5.

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