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New Graphics Comps Highlight Project Scorpio’s 1080p, 4K Prowess

New Graphics Comps Highlight Project Scorpio’s 1080p, 4K Prowess

Microsoft is attempting to manufacture buzz in the background for its up and coming Project Scorpio and what that comfort can do in 4K. The organization has an overwhelming lift before it — Scorpio is more intense than Sony’s PS4 Pro, yet Sony has a 12-month first mover advantage and roughly twofold the Xbox One’s introduce base. That inconsistency is impactsly affecting Microsoft’s capacity to land selective titles for its support, and exclusives are as yet a critical piece of how consoles separate from each other, regardless of the possibility that they aren’t as essential as they used to be.

Windows Central has gotten its hands on specialized resources from different demos Microsoft has assembled. These demos don’t utilize diversion resources, however they are demonstrative of how engineers can use the enhanced execution of Project Scorpio far beyond what’s offered by the Xbox One. We are very brave here; for full points of interest and correlations check Windows Central’s article.

In the first place, here’s 1080p versus downsampled 1080p, versus 4K in a BioShock Infinite-like tech demo with a steampunk tasteful. You’ll need to snap to grow to see the full picture (it will open in a different window).


1080p is on the left, downsampled 4K is in the center shown at 1080p, and local 4K on the far right. The downsampled 1080p picture isn’t exactly as sharp as local 4K, yet it’s a jump above local 1080p, especially with regards to the lady’s hair. Her glasses are additionally quite less rugged, and her facial components are better characterized. These changes are straight determination improvements, however that is not by any means the only way designers can utilize Project Scorpio’s strength.

The Microsoft group additionally set up together a ladybug demo to show how Project Scorpio could support graphical loyalty in different ways.


In this case, the ladybug isn’t just rendering at a higher resolution; it contains more detail — the eye and head are both different, as are the legs.

These differences are relatively easy to spot, but we’re also looking at static frames on a desktop rather than titles in motion. To close the gap between itself and the PS4, Microsoft will need to demonstrate games that run so obviously better on its platform, they make investing in an Xbox Scorpio (or whatever they call it) a good investment, even for buyers who already have a PS4. That’s going to be a tough sell, and much will depend on the platform’s price, currently estimated at $500. How these new consoles play in the market over the next few years could reshape the nature of console cycles themselves. The Xbox One and PS4 may one day be seen as the last of the “old” console launches before MS and Sony moved to an iterative update model with backwards compatibility guaranteed over several generations of previous devices.

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