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Nasa's Juno Spacecraft Adjusts Flight Path for Date With Jupiter

Nasa's Juno Spacecraft Adjusts Flight Path for Date With Jupiter

Set to touch base at Jupiter this year to concentrate on the monster planet from a curved, polar circle, Nasa’s sun oriented fueled Juno shuttle effectively executed a move to conform its flight way on Wednesday.
“This is the first of two direction modification that tweak Juno’s circle around the Sun, consummating our meeting with Jupiter on July 4,” said Scott Bolton, Juno main agent at the Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio.
The Juno shuttle’s thrusters expended around 0.6kg of fuel amid the blaze and changed the rocket’s rate by 0.31 meters for each second.
At the season of the move, Juno was around 82 million kilometers from Jupiter and roughly 684 million kilometers from Earth.
The following direction adjustment move is planned on May 31.
Dispatched on August 5, 2011, thee shuttle will circle the Jovian world 33 times, skimming to inside 5,000 kilometers over the planet’s cloud best like clockwork.
Amid the flybys, Juno will test underneath the darkening overcast front of Jupiter and study its aurorae to take in more about the planet’s birthplaces, structure, environment and magnetosphere.
A month ago, Nasa reported its Juno rocket had broken the record to wind up humankind’s most removed sun oriented fueled emissary, accomplishing the point of reference when it was around 793 million km from the Sun.
Juno is the main sunlight based controlled shuttle intended to work at such an extraordinary separation from the Sun.

The four-ton Juno shuttle conveys three 30-foot-long sunlight based exhibits decorated with 18,698 individual sun oriented cells.

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