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This product is an IDE (incorporated improvement environment), which is utilized to create applications in a few programming dialects for the system .NET. Microsoft has given another form of this complete application with a few changes contrasted with its past renditions and an expanded execution for the distinctive key capacities it has. New devices for demonstrating, investigation for your codes, or an enhanced debugger are a portion of the new elements.

Microsoft has composed this advancement environment keeping in mind the end goal to convey the client a complete application to address the issues of software engineers. This application permits clients to program in various dialects such as Visual Basic .NET, Visual C++, Visual C#, or for Windows Phone among others. With this product, you will have the capacity to program applications for PCs and cell telephones with Windows Phone OS coordinated. Make applications, sites, web applications or even web administrations in any environment that backings the stage. NET. you’ve generally needed With a touch of tolerance and with the assistance gave by Microsoft Visual Studio you can deliver every one of those things you’ve generally needed. Likewise, you can download formats keeping in mind the end goal to make, for instance, Windows Forms applications or web shapes pages that you can modify, and additionally programming in Visual Basic or Visual C# for instance.

Instruments and Code Editor
Among the considerable number of essentials apparatuses the application gives, you’ll locate a superior code manager, a debugger and new instruments that are incorporated into the creator, for example, a WPF Designer or Windows Forms. The code editorial manager permits you to highlight the sought lines of the code and a code finishing on account of the IntelliSense highlight. Then again, the application perceives the capacities and variables that you actualize into your code and offers distinctive answers for proceed with your work.
Moreover, the debugger element is enhanced and can identify botches that are made through the procedure. The planner highlight helps the client with various apparatuses and makes the work more instinctive and productive since the alternatives are given in various boxes. Likewise, you can utilize outside instruments like SPY ++ that give a graphical perspective of the procedures, strings, window framework. what’s more, GuidGen creates a GUID taking into account the predefined criteria among others. Also, you can download extra modules for Microsoft Visual Studio.
Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 Features
Underneath you can locate the fundamental elements included on Microsoft Visual Studio:
•           Improved UI with more than 400 changed symbols, expanded utilization of shading and an alternate Start page, among others
•           New Performance and Diagnostics center
•           Different dialects like Visual Basic, Visual C++, Visual C# or for Windows Phone
•           Productivity apparatuses to move code lines or for in-line route
•           New Team Explorer to explore effortlessly
•           Possibility of looking over bars in two modes (bar and guide modes)
•           New Peek Definition highlight which incorporates the order called ‘Go To Definition’
•           Work with Code Information Indicators with CodeLens apparatus
•           New IDE experience
•           Possibility of utilizing a Microsoft account with MSDN, or even with Team Foundation Service memberships
•           Includes free backing for the advancement of the application from Windows Store
•           Enhanced with new capacities on account of the XAML highlight
•           Create benefits or even sites through its stage, for example, ASP.NET WebForums, Web API administrations or ASP.NET MVC among others.
Framework Requirements
Before you download Microsoft Visual Studio, check the base framework prerequisites
•           Operating framework: Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (x86 and x64)
•           Processor: 1.6 GHz
•           RAM: 1 GB of RAM
•           Hard Disk: 10 GB free Hard circle space

Size: 3GB

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