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Meet Nadine, the Social Robot Who Can Give You Company

Meet Nadine, the Social Robot Who Can Give You Company

Make proper acquaintance with Nadine, an unpredictable robot with her own identity, state of mind and feelings. She is amicable, can welcome you back and recall your name and your past discussion with her.
Controlled by savvy programming like Apple’s Siri or Microsoft’s Cortana, Nadine is the most recent social robot created by researchers at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Singapore.
Nadine can be an individual collaborator in workplaces and homes in future. Also, she can be utilized as social partner for the youthful and the elderly, the analysts said.
“This is to some degree such as a genuine friend that is dependably with you and aware of what is occurring. So in future, these socially shrewd robots could be similar to C-3PO, the notorious brilliant droid from Star Wars, with information of dialect and decorum,” said Nadine’s inventor Nadia Thalmann, educator at NTU.
A humanoid like Nadine is only one of the interfaces where the innovation that the NTU researchers created can be connected. It can likewise be made virtual and show up on a TV or PC screen, and turn into a minimal effort virtual social partner.
With further advance in mechanical technology started by innovative changes in silicon chips, sensors and calculation, physical social robots, for example, Nadine are ready to wind up more noticeable in workplaces and homes in future.

“As nations overall face difficulties of a maturing populace, social robots can be one answer for location the contracting workforce, get to be close to home friends for youngsters and the elderly at home, and even serve as a stage for human services administrations in future,” Thalmann said in an official explanation.

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