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Isro Working on Electric Propulsion System for Satellites

Isro Working on Electric Propulsion System for Satellites

Endeavors are on to put electric impetus framework for satellites to empower them to convey more payload, Vikram Sarabhai Space Center executive Dr. K. Sivan said in Hyderabad on Thursday.
“The endeavors will help in chopping down fuel required for moving the satellites in the circle and more payload can be taken,” Sivan said at the tenth International High Energy Material meeting and Exhibits (HEMCE 2016) in Hyderabad.
He said GSLV Mark III will be propelled in December this year.
The Isro researcher said endeavors will be made to dispatch ‘Chandrayan 2’, the nation’s second lunar investigation mission after ‘Chandrayaan-1’, with a wanderer as quickly as time permits.
On kept an eye on space flight, Sivan said they are concocting a venture called “Abbot Machine”.
Prior, Dr. K.P.S. Murthy, Director, High Energy Materials Research Lab (HEMRL), talked about the advancement of high unstable investigator innovation which is being produced for covered explosives by their lab.
Watching that high vitality material innovation is a very protected innovation, Dr. Satish Kumar, Director General, Missiles and Strategic Systems, DRDO, said, “researchers and technologists are pushing ahead and progressing towards all out confidence in this basic territory”.
He said the high vitality materials is a specific field that “somewhat decides the status of the country”.
“For a given fuel vitality level, there is a need to enhance the configuration to boost the general execution and minimize the misfortunes in the cutting edge aviation mission,” the Director General said.
He said the measured configuration and more secure assembling procedures in high vitality materials are the need of the day.

The gathering was composed by the Hyderabad Chapter of the High Energy Material Society of India in relationship with the Defense Research and Development Laboratory and Advanced Systems Laboratory.

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