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IIT-Bombay Develops Satellite-Based Fog Monitoring System

IIT-Bombay Develops Satellite-Based Fog Monitoring System

Researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay (IIT-B) have built up a satellite-based mist observing framework with a definitive objective of coordinating the haze data to air, rail and vehicular transportation administration to guarantee safe travel.
“The Indo-Gangetic Plains covering northern India, Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh is subjected to thick murkiness/mist amid winter months seriously affecting on air, rail and vehicular activity,” Ritesh Gautam, aide educator at the IIT’s Centers for Resources Engineering and Climate Studies, told IANS in an email.
“We have added to this framework for checking and scattering of mist data to government offices furthermore to the overall population.”
Once in the past an examination researcher at the Climate and Radiation Laboratory of Nasa’s Goddard Space Flight Center in the US, Gautam said the mist checking framework was produced with the assistance of his understudies Reema Chourey, Dinesh Patil, Sarwar Rizvi and Manoj Singh.
By, the framework utilizes as a part of house created programming to consequently handle information from the Nasa satellites (Terra and Aqua MODIS) and delivers day by day maps of haze and low cloud areas for the Indo-Gangetic Plains at a decently high determination.
He said his group was in a matter of seconds testing recoveries and handling of haze related parameters from geostationary satellites, for example, India’s own particular INSAT satellites, “for close ongoing ceaseless observing of mist, water vapor and vaporizers over south Asia”.
“This satellite observing framework is entirely mind boggling however I am happy that we have added to the capacity and are pushing ahead,” Gautam said. “It can likewise be utilized to screen dust storms, biomass smoldering occasions, typhoons and rainstorm mists.”
Notwithstanding datasets acquired from both polar circling and geostationary satellites, the IIT group is likewise chipping away at coordinating surface-based meteorological and contamination related estimations, he said.
By, his group has additionally broke down spatial and worldly variety and patterns of mist event recurrence over the whole Indo-Gangetic Plains alongside patterns in contamination for the winter season (December-January).
“We have found a very intriguing pattern where the long haul satellite information examination proposes a factually huge expanding mist recurrence pattern over the eastern parts of the Gangetic Plains (parts of Bihar and West Bengal),” Gautam said.
“This is in sharp complexity over the western areas of the Gangetic Plains, (for example, Delhi), where a diminishing pattern in haze recurrence is found.”
The upward pattern in fogginess over eastern Indo-Gangetic Plains is observed to be emphatically incidental with upward pattern in contamination, recommending that expanding winter-time contamination over this locale could be connected to expanding fogginess.
While the center of media is for the most part focused over Delhi, Gautam said the expanding mist over eastern Indo-Gangetic Plains was not generally reported.

Nonetheless, long haul investigation of satellite information by the IIT group has found that “the vast majority of northern India is subjected to extreme and diligent haze and contamination fog occasions amid the winter months”.

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