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Hyundai Unveils Wearable Robot

South Korean auto mammoth, Hyundai Motor Group has divulged a wearable robot that can be connected in numerous ranges including military and creative lines, the organization declared on Friday.
“This wearable robot that we are creating for business purposes will be used as a part of assorted ranges,” an organization official said.
“Such a robot improvement is in accordance with Hyundai Motor Group’s vision with the expectation of complimentary portability of individuals and things.”
The robot resembles the suit found in the Hollywood blockbuster “Iron Man”, which one can wear in basically clasping into it. Xinhua news office reported.
The wearable robot being worked on is known not the controller by improving general physical quality, making it conceivable to lift an item weighing more than 60kg and help him or her walk and go up stairs.
It can be utilized as a part of helping individuals with handicaps and the elderly to walk and participate in various exercises. The authority included.
Hyundai a month ago announced its organization with Cisco Systems to create Internet-associated auto innovation, part of the automaker’s push to grow “high-performing PCs on wheels”.
Auto and tech firms are progressively shaping cooperations to grow administrations that connect autos to Internet, especially as the race to make self-driving autos warms up.

Hyundai said Vice Chairman Chung Eui-sun met Cisco Chief Executive Chuck Robbins in Seoul and consented to co-create in-vehicle system innovation for rapid exchange of a lot of information.

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