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How to Stop Google and Other Services From Tracking Your Location

How to Stop Google and Other Services From Tracking Your Location

When you’re utilizing a guide application to discover your way around, or in the event that you need to register with an area on Facebook to tell your companions where you have been; then area following is valuable and appears to be kindhearted. Yet, applications and administrations can continue following everything you might do, and this can be a genuine security issue. What’s more, beside everything else, this likewise goes through your battery a considerable measure quicker than is perfect. In the event that you don’t need organizations to track you, read this aide and impair area following on your gadgets when you needn’t bother with it.
You may not know it but rather Google tracks your area history unless you debilitate it yourself. It accumulates this information from your utilization of Google Maps. You can handicap this, and even physically erase certain spots from your area history. Here’s the manner by which.
1. Go to this Google settings page.
2. Click the Pause catch in the “Spots you’ve been” tile on the privilege. To erase singular passages from area history, click Manage history.
3. You can pick any date from the logbook on the left > click Delete all history from this day. On the off chance that you don’t need any of your area history followed, simply click Delete all history.
Killing area settings on your Android telephone is really simple, however it can influence the working of some helpful administrations. Google Now for instance depends on area information to give you data you require without you notwithstanding hunting down it. In the event that despite everything you feel that you’d rather not report your area to Google, take after these strides.
1. Open Settings > look down to Location > Google Location Settings.
2. Presently tap Location reporting > Off.

3. Backpedal, tap Location history > Off. You might likewise need to tap the “Erase area history” catch underneath.

A few applications and framework administrations utilize your area on iOS to give components, for example, applications mainstream in your territory and even to serve ads in light of the spot you are in. Here’s the means by which to incapacitate the majority of that.
1. Open Settings > Privacy > Location Services.
2. The main alternative is to turn Location Services on or off. You can turn it off to debilitate following altogether, yet that will imply that you will need to do a few things, for example, hunt down climate information, physically.
3. Look down to see which applications have admittance to area information. You can choose which applications needn’t bother with it and turn it off for that application. On the off chance that you have Find My iPhone/iPad empowered, we propose you don’t impair area following for that since it might offer you some assistance with locating your gadget on the off chance that you lose it.
4. Look down to the base and tap System Services. Here you can debilitate all alternatives with the exception of Cell Network Search to quit following. Tap Frequent Locations and turn that off as well.
Windows 8
Impairing area following on Windows 8 is very basic. This is the way you do it.
1. Hit Windows key+C > click Search > sort PC Settings in the pursuit bar > click PC Settings.
2. Go to Privacy > Location > Let Windows and applications utilize my area > Off.
BlackBerry 10
The BB10 working framework makes it simple to forestall following. Simply take after these strides.
1. Open Settings > look down to Location Services > turn off Traffic Data Collection and Location-based adverts. You might kill Location Services completely in the same spot.
2. On the off chance that you simply need to incapacitate area access by particular applications, go to Settings > App Manager > tap “Go to the Application Permissions screen to change authorizations for individual applications”.
3. Presently tap Permissions > select Location > tap any application that you need to cut off from utilizing your area > Off.
That ought to have helped you cripple area following on any gadget. On the off chance that there’s some other approach to handicap area following that you incline toward, let us know with a remark.
Web Browsers
In the event that you utilize a desktop or portable PC to peruse the Internet, you can incapacitate area partaking in your Web programs. Note that sites might in any case have the capacity to recognize your area utilizing your IP address, however they will think that its much harder to focus in on the spot you’re perusing from. Here’s the way you can cripple it.
Google Chrome
1. Click the Google Chrome Menu symbol (three level lines) > Settings.
2. Presently look down and afterward tap on Show propelled settings >
Content Settings 3. In the pop-up, look down to the Location segment > Do not permit any site to track your physical area.
Mozilla Firefox
1. Sort about:config in the location bar > hit Enter > click I’ll be cautious, I guarantee.
2. Hunt down geo.enabled and double tap it to change its worth from “valid” to ‘false’. This will impair area sharing.
1. Click the Opera catch on the upper left > Settings. On the other hand, you might utilize the Alt+P console easy route.
2. Click Websites on the left sidebar > look down to Location > select Do not permit any webpage to track my physical area.
1. Open Safari > Preferences > Privacy.
2. Click Deny without provoking.
Internet Explorer
1. Go to Tools > Internet Options, or use Alt+X.
2. Click Privacy > check Never permit sites to utilize your physical area.
Windows Phone
There isn’t one spot where you can undoubtedly debilitate particular foundation following without incapacitating area benefits altogether in Windows Phone. This is what you can do in the event that you would prefer not to kill area administrations.
1. Head to Settings > swipe right to Applications.
2. Physically open each application here and debilitate area wherever it is a choice.
3. Swipe left (back to System) > WiFi > Advanced > uncheck Send data about WiFi associations with find adjacent WiFi.
4. Head back to System > Feedback > Off. You can likewise go to Settings > Find My Phone > Off yet that is a helpful hostile to robbery include that you might not have any desire to kill.
For a more exhaustive choice, open Settings > Location > Off.
That ought to have helped you cripple area following on any gadget. On the off chance that there’s whatever other approach to debilitate area following that you incline toward, let us know with a remark.

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