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How to Share Location on WhatsApp

How to Share Location on WhatsApp

With more than 600 million month to month dynamic clients all around, the vast majority you know are likely on WhatsApp. Everybody thinks about the capacity to send messages, and share media, yet there are some intriguing components that you won’t not think about. Sharing your area is one of them – you can send a guide perspective of your present area to any of your contacts, as effectively as you would send a photo or a video.
In case you’re out to meet your companions and need to let them know where to come, or if your mother needs to know where you will be, you can rapidly share your area through WhatsApp. Like all WhatsApp highlights, this is cross-stage. You can send your area from, say, an iPhone to a BlackBerry client and they will have the capacity to discover you. The area appears as a review in talk, and tapping on it opens a guide view. Take after these extremely basic strides to utilize this element:
1. Open WhatsApp and begin another discussion or open any current visit.
2. Tap the paper cut symbol at the upper right > area (Google Maps symbol) > tap send.
1. Open the application. Open any discussion or begin another one.
2. Tap the up bolt symbol to one side of the structure where you write messages > Share Location > Send Your Location.
BB 10 OS
1. Begin WhatsApp, and after that either begin another visit or open a current discussion.
2. Tap the vertical specks Menu catch > Send Location to send your area.
BlackBerry 7
1. Open WhatsApp on BlackBerry begin a discussion or open any visit.
2. Press the BlackBerry catch > Send Location.
Windows Phone
Here’s the manner by which to send your area on Windows Phone gadgets.
1. Begin WhatsApp and open or begin a talk.
2. Tap the paper cut symbol > Location.
Nokia S60
On the off chance that you have a Nokia S60 highlight telephone, attempt these progressions to share your area:
1. Open any talk in WhatsApp. In the event that you have a touchscreen telephone, tap the paper cut symbol > Location.
2. On the off chance that you have a full-console S60 telephone, select Options > Send – Type of Media-> Share Location or Location.
Lamentably, you can’t send your area utilizing WhatsApp on Nokia S40 telephones.

Whenever you are wanting to meet somebody, attempt WhatsApp’s clever area sharing element. Also, in the event that you need to share your area as a one-time connection, to discover individuals in a swarmed place or for gatherings.

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