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How To Share Files From Android to BlackBerry and Back Using ES File Explorer

How To Share Files From Android to BlackBerry and Back Using ES File Explorer

Sharing documents between cell phones can frequently be a torment – while there are devices like Airdrop that permit you to effectively share records when you’re both on the same stage, on the off chance that you need to share records crosswise over various stages, things get somewhat more convoluted.
The simple workaround is to utilize cloud-based arrangements – whether it’s by messaging records to one another, or utilizing an administration like Dropbox – or utilizing a PC to physically download documents and exchange them. Be that as it may, the principal strategy squanders information and time, as the document must be initially transferred and afterward downloaded, and utilizing a PC is regularly unwieldy and might not generally be conceivable. Fortunately, there are some helpful applications that let you improve this procedure, and exchange documents remotely.
We’ve effectively expounded on the most proficient method to share records in the middle of iOS and Windows Phone, iOS and Android, andAndroid and Windows Phone. Presently, we’ll walk you through sharing documents in the middle of Android and BlackBerry gadgets.
To start with things to begin with, on the off chance that you have a PC helpful, this is an exceptionally basic procedure. Simply interface with both telephones utilizing USB information links, and after that go to My Computer. You can explore through the documents on both telephones, duplicate glue and move and customize records between them simply like you would move documents on your PC.
In the event that you don’t have a PC, you’ll have to utilize an application to exchange the documents remotely. Our top pick is ES File Explorer, since it’s accessible on both Google Play and the Amazon App Store – the last is likewise open to BlackBerry 10 gadgets, so you can without much of a stretch introduce it on both stages. ES File Explorer is likewise our most loved document director – and it’s free – so it merits introducing regardless of the possibility that you’re not hoping to exchange records right. Here’s the manner by which it works.
1. Initially, introduce ES File Explorer on both gadgets. Android clients ought to click here, while BlackBerry clients should first introduce the Amazon App Store, and afterward click here.
2. Next, associate both telephones to the same Wi-Fi system.
3. Open the application on both gadgets, and after that explore to the record you need to share.

4. Tap and hold the record until a check mark shows up on the privilege. Presently tap the More catch in the base right of the screen and tap Send.
5. A popup will filter for different gadgets running ES File Explorer – tap the name of the other gadget, and an affirmation brief appears on the beneficiary telephone. Tap affirm, and the record is sent remotely.
That is all that you have to share documents remotely in the middle of Android and BlackBerry gadgets, and the usability, clean interface, and accommodation of ES File Explorer settles on it our top decision.
What strategies have you used to share documents between cell phones? Impart your tips to us by means of the remarks.

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