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How to Enable Guest Mode on Android

How to Enable Guest Mode on Android

Ever expected to hand your Android cell phone to another person for some time? In the event that yes, then there’s a decent risk that you were stressed over how effortlessly they could experience your own information or wind up changing inclinations or notwithstanding erasing data like contacts or messages.
Luckily, Android 5.0 Lollipop ships with a framework level visitor mode. This lets you rapidly change to a different visitor profile that doesn’t have any of your own information, for example, messages, introduced applications or inclinations. This is in the same class as a new introduce of Android 5.0 Lollipop and the minute you change back to your Google account, all information spared in the visitor mode is uprooted. This makes it an especially compelling method for letting another person utilize your telephone for some time.
Here’s the way to empower visitor mode on Android 5.0 Lollipop.
Swipe down from the highest point of the screen to pull down the warnings bar.
Tap your symbol on the upper right twice.
Presently you’ll see three symbols – your Google account, Add visitor and Add client.
Tap Add visitor.
Presently your cell phone will change to visitor mode. This might take some time and the telephone might be marginally moderate at first, however in our tests with a Nexus 5 it functioned admirably following a couple of minutes.
When you’re finished with visitor mode, you can without much of a stretch return to your Google account. Take after steps 1 and 2 above and tap the symbol that demonstrates your Google account. This will erase all information spared in the visitor session also.
In the event that your cell phone doesn’t have Android 5.0 Lollipop introduced, you ought to check for a pre-stacked visitor mode. A few brands, for example, Xiaomi, LG, Samsung and Huawei pre-load an application that empowers you to utilize visitor mode on your cell phone. Diverse brands name this application in an unexpected way, so look in your telephone’s application drawer for applications with names like Kids’ Mode or Guest Mode. Some Android telephones have visitor mode installed at the framework level. For instance the LG G3 has a visitor mode that you can access by going to Settings > General > Privacy > Guest Mode.

In the event that your telephone doesn’t have this component, the best approach to keep your own information safe is by securing certain applications. We’ve composed a point by point guide on the most proficient method to prevent others from getting to your Android applications so make certain to watch that. In the event that you simply need to keep Google Chrome far from prying eyes, you can read our manual for empowering visitor mode in Google Chrome.

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