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How to Download Your Orkut Scraps, Testimonials, and Photos

How to Download Your Orkut Scraps, Testimonials, and Photos

Do despite everything you have an Orkut account? The informal community wasn’t a tremendous achievement all around, however got on in India and Brazil, and the group here used to be extremely dynamic, albeit the vast majority have subsequent to proceeded onward to Facebook and different systems. Google has now declared that it is shutting Orkut down, and in the event that you have any photos or messages in Orkut that you need to keep, then you have to spare them somewhere else.

In the event that you are still a dynamic client or on the off chance that you have some information there that you’d like to download, there are simple approaches to do as such. Before you start, realize that you can’t download data from other individuals’ records. Google just gives you a chance to download information from your own Orkut account. This additionally implies you won’t have the capacity to download the scraps or testimonials you sent to other individuals. You can just download the scraps and testimonials you’ve gotten and their remarks.
Sparing the photos from Orkut is especially straightforward since you can without much of a stretch exchange them to a Google+account. This strategy will quit working after September 30, 2014. Sending out to Google+ is simple – simply take after these strides:
1) Go to Google+ and log into your record.
3) Click to choose every collection you need to send out or pick “Select all”.
4) Click “Import chose”. This will exchange your photographs to Google+. Every one of these photographs might be unmistakable to you. You’ll need to change their protection settings to make them unmistakable to others.
In the event that you need to spare the photos and scraps to your PC rather, you can utilize Google Takeout. This administration gives you a chance to download all your Orkut account information in a compress document. The record will contain HTML documents and photographs. Google says you can download your profile, scraps got, testimonials got, 
exercises and your photographs from Orkut. You will have the capacity to download your Orkut information utilizing Google Takeout until September 2016. This is the manner by which to download your Orkut information:
1) Head to Google Takeout and sign in the event that you haven’t effectively done as such.
2) Click “Pick administrations” and afterward select Orkut.
3) Click “Make file” and hold up till the document is prepared. In the event that you like, you can leave the page, and get an email when the chronicle is prepared.
4) Once the file is prepared, click Download. Google says there’s no restriction on how frequently you can download your Orkut data.
It is safe to say that you are still a dynamic client of Orkut? What do you utilize it for? Let us know with a remark

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