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How Flipkart Removed Interviews From Its Hiring Process

How Flipkart Removed Interviews From Its Hiring Process

Flipkart has tied up with California-primarily based Udacity to streamline tech hires within the agency. 3 Udacity college students, who have been graduates of its Android Developer Nanodegree programme, are now part of Flipkart’s cellular improvement group.
The Bengaluru based e-commerce foremost is eliminating interviews and institution exercises, to benefit a competitive aspect and rent talent unexpectedly. both agencies anticipate many greater new hires to observe, with applicants evaluated on their Nanodegree projects and profiles on the web schooling platform.
Peeyush Ranjan, chief generation Officer, Flipkart, said that the conventional hiring system frequently comes all the way down to the performance of the candidate on a selected day, which won’t be a true reflection of their capabilities and temperament. “this is where a accomplice like Udacity comes into the picture. The shortlisted profiles provided through them and the in-depth information we received were very useful and allowed us to evaluate the candidate’s skills in a much better way,” he stated.
founded in 2011, Udacity is a issuer of massive open on-line guides that concentrate on software improvement, with ‘Nanodegree’ programmes evolved in collaboration with tech giants like Google, Microsoft, and Nvidia.
“Our intention is to have our Nanodegree graduates be in demand for the roles of these days like cell, statistics analyst, web improvement and device getting to know amongst others,” said Sebastian Thrun, Founder and CEO of Udacity.

competitive coding structures like HackerRank and HackerEarth have also tried to streamline the recruiting system thru on line coding challenges. Udacity become worth $1 billion in its latest investment spherical in November 2015.

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