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Google to Launch Standalone 'Android VR' Headset at I/O Next Week: Report

The headset won’t should be linked to a cell phone or PC.
Google I/O den meeting begins May 18, and goes ahead till May 20.
The following adaptation of Google Cardboard is likewise anticipated that would be disclosed.
Bits of gossip have been overflowing that Google has been taking a shot at a standalone VR headset that does not require an Android cell phone to power it. Similar to Gear VR or Google Cardboard do. The organization was needed to showcase the VR headset at Google I/O, which commences one week from now, aside from indicating upgrades in Android that make the stage more virtual reality agreeable. Presently, another report is guaranteeing access to crisp insights about the standalone VR headset from Google.
In a progression of tweets, tech news-casting pioneer Peter Rojas made a few cases of Google’s supposed standalone VR headset. The headset might be called Android VR, and will “certainly” be propelled at “one week from now” (probably in Google I/O). He included that the headset will be less capable than the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift, yet superior to the Samsung Gear VR that is done as a team with Facebook-claimed Oculus VR. It would keep running off equipment like a cell phone. Estimating is always obscure, and will obviously be significant in offering the item.
To note, is that these gossipy tidbits are indicating a standalone (totally free of cell phone or PC), or if nothing else untethered (remotely associated with cell phone or PC) headset, however Google is likewise said to take a shot at the up and coming era of Google Cardboard, which separated from better sensors, lenses, and packaging, will likewise go about as the reference outline for VR headsets from different producers. We will obviously know more at the Google I/O designer gathering one week from now.
In the interim a month ago Samsung, Google’s greatest Android cell phone OEM, reported it was building up a standalone headset, one that won’t require a cell phone or desktop to work, and be totally remote.

Google is certainly focusing on VR, and we can hope that upgrades to Android to encourage this vision reported at I/O one week from now. The organization as of late additionally made another division committed to simulated reality.

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