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Google Maps Now Lets You Add Pit Stops on Your Trips in India

Google Maps Now Lets You Add Pit Stops on Your Trips in India

Google India has added clever little component to its Maps application that will now give you a chance to take less long reroutes. The pursuit monster will now give clients a chance to search for and include an additional stop your course without exitting the route mode. It had started revealing the pit stop highlight beginning with the US back in October a year ago.
Inside the route mode in Google Maps, clients can now essentially tap on the amplifying glass symbol put at the upper right corner of the screen. Tapping on it will give you a rundown of dropdown alternatives, for example, petrol pumps, markets, or eateries. Tapping on any of the alternatives would demonstrat to you the adjacent petrol pumps, stores, cafés and that’s just the beginning. You can then tap on any of the areas appeared inside the guide and make it a pit stop before you achieve your last destination. When picked, tapping on the area again will give you the choice to expel it from the guide.

The component is currently taking off in India.
“Google Maps has empowered voyagers to explore without breaking a sweat, security and accommodation throughout recent years. This new overhaul will guarantee that they can make a sudden or expected pit-stop and reroutes without exitting route mode. They can likewise add these to their courses for ensuing use if required, in this way facilitating the route process furthermore sparing time,” said Suren Ruhela, Director, Google Maps.
Google not long ago included new components, for example, indicating names of roads and exists, changed route interface, matching surveys with photographs, and impairing of turn-by-turn directions. Alternative to add an easy route to the client Timeline to rapidly add a spot to the history is additionally present.

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