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Google Confirms Chrome OS Will Support Android Apps, Google Play; Details Rollout

Chrome OS to bolster Google Play.
Highlight accessible on three Chromebooks in ‘M53 dec’ rendition.
Full-scale rollout to occur in September or October.
After a foul up uncovered all on the I/O 2016 calendar, Google has now been able official. Chrome OS clients will access a large number of Android applications and other substances by means of Google Play.
The element will be taken off in the Chrome OS v53 M53 engineer channel for touch-empowered Chrome OS PCs toward the beginning of June, and ought to hit the steady channel by September. The Asus Chromebook Flip, Acer Chromebook R 11, and the most recent Chromebook Pixel will have the ability to test this component to begin with, while the ones that don’t bolster touch will get it later in the year. For more clarity, Google has likewise recorded the various Chromebooks that will get this element later in 2016 here.
The entrance of Android applications implies Chromebook customers will have the capacity to download applications and experience them on their gadgets. This implies Chromebooks will have Microsoft Office, Skype, Games, Photo Editing applications – the whole arrangement.
As Technica sat down with the Chrome OS group to perceive how this coordination will function. “The object is an ‘It simply works’ answer, with zero exertion from engineers required to get their Android application up and running. Notices and in-line answer if all work. Android applications live in local Chrome OS windows, making them look like part of the OS. Chrome OS has grabbed some Android traps as well sharing and aim frameworks ought to work fine, even from one kind of application or site to another,” the report peruses.

The full – scale rollout is required to happen at some point in September or October. Aside from the Chrome OS declaration, Google likewise disclosed Home, Instant Apps, Assistant, Allo and Duo applications, and even the Daydream VR venture.

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