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Dragon Ball Super Episode 82-Never Forgive Son Goku

After obtaining Zenō-sama’s blessing to proceed, Goku and Toppo begin their battle. Toppo quickly gains the upper hand and dislocates Goku’s shoulder. Goku responds by attacking with a flurry of blows, but Toppo manages to grab Goku in a powerful bear hug. He begins squeezing the life out of Goku, which forces Goku to turn Super Saiyan Blue to escape. He damages Toppo with a Kamehameha wave, and the two begin to power up to extreme heights. However, the Grand Priest brings an end to the match on the grounds that one of them will likely end up dead at the rate they are going. As Toppo leaves, he reveals to Goku that Universe 11 has a warrior even stronger than him named Jiren The Grand Priest explains that he will begin creating the arena for the Tournament of Power, which will be completed in 40 Earth hours. Back at the sacred world of the Kais, Beerus and Goku get into an argument over Goku’s laid-back attitude, which Whis breaks up. The group agrees to convene at the Capsule Corporation to discuss their strategy.

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