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Dragon Ball Super Episode 81-Crusher Bergamo vs Son Goku

Before their battle begins, Bergamo denounces Goku before the assembled gods. It was Goku’s desire to hold the tournament that now threatens their universes. Bergamo pleads with Zeno-sama to rescind the rule that the universes which lose the Tournament of Power will be erased. Zeno-sama agrees on the condition that Bergamo win his fight with Goku. If Goku should hold anything back or throw the fight then all the universes will be immediately erased. Goku says he has no intention of losing. When the fight begins, Bergamo invites Goku to hit him and leaves himself open to attack. Goku obliges, and strikes Bergamo several times, but Bergamo absorbs the energy of Goku’s attacks. Bergamo grows stronger and physically larger. Goku continues to attack, which causes Bergamo to grow so large that the ring begins to buckle under his weight. Goku transforms to Super Saiyan Blue and emits a godly ki that shocks the actual gods present. Goku overwhelms Bergamo with a massive Kamehameha. Bergamo is defeated by Goku. Bergamo claims every universe participating in the Tournament of Power will seek vengeance on Goku for making them face destruction, but Goku relishes the idea of such a challenge. With the exhibition tournament concluded, the rules for the Tournament of Power are now established. The format will be a battle royal. All 80 participants will fight at once. Ring-outs are the only means of victory. The tournament will have a time limit of 48 minutes. The universe with the most fighters remaining or the last fighter standing will be declared the winner. Suddenly, a mysterious fighter from Universe 11 named Toppo appears and challenges Goku to a battle. Goku, who is unsatisfied after his short fight with Bergamo, agrees to fight Toppo.

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