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DEV-C++ 5.11

DEV-C++ – A full-highlighted IDE for C/C++
DEV-C++ is a finished Integrated Development Environment for C/C++ programming dialect. As its compiler, DEV-C++ is utilizing Mingw port of GNU Compiler Collection. The system additionally works in conjunction with any GCC based compiler, for example, Cygwin.
– Support is empowered for GCC-based compilers.
– Multilingual backing is empowered.
– GDB-based incorporated investigating.
– Also incorporates Class Browser, Code Completion, Debug variable Browser, To-Do List, Tool Manager and Project Manager.
– Built-in grammar highlighting editorial manager with adjustable alternatives.
– Enables you to make Windows, console, static libraries and DLLs.
– Makefile creation.
– Capable of altering and ordering Resource documents.
– Support for printing is empowered.
– Built-in Package Manager permits you to effectively introduce add-on libraries.
– Template support empowers you to make your own venture sorts.
– Find and substitute capacity for offices.
– Support for CVS is empowered.
– CPU Window.
– 32 MB of RAM
– DEV-C++ requires MSVCRT.dll (incorporated into Windows 95 OSR 2 and higher) to arrange executables

DEV-C++ 5.11 is authorized as Freeware for the Windows working framework/stage. DEV-C++ is given as a free download to all product clients (Freeware).

File Size: 48 MB

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