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CrococryptFile 1.3
CrococryptFile 1.3

CrococryptFile 1.3


Title: CrococryptFile 1.3
Filename: CrococryptFile-SetupFull.exe
File size: 28.60MB (29,989,673 bytes)
Requirements: Windows (All Versions)
Languages: Multiple languages
License: Open Source
Author: Hissen IT


 CrococryptFile is a little and unpretentious document encryption apparatus that makes scrambled files of subjective records and envelopes.
CrococryptFile is a suite that incorporates the accompanying: Password-based encryption (taking after PBKDF2) with AES-256, Windows Keystore based encryption utilizing RSA keys and AES-256, and GPG/OpenPGP key based encryption with AES-256.
From numerous points of view the encryption elements of CrococryptFile could be contrasted with a ZIP utility, which uses ZIP’s AES encryption, however there are contrasts between the two. CrococryptFile, for occasion, encodes all record and envelope data including document names, time/date and document size data, and it additionally masks any data of the file’s substance, since all information and meta-information is basically incorporated into a monster record dump.
By and large, CrococryptFile is a truly valuable instrument that dependably permits you to encode critical records and in this way renders them difficult to reach to some other unapproved clients. The utility permits you to add singular records to a secret word secured chronicle, which the encodes the document name, time/date, and additionally the record size data. As the application incorporates with the Windows Explorer setting menu, you can likewise right-tap on the wanted document and begin the encoding process.

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