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Chromebook Shipments Overtook Mac for the First Time in the US: IDC

An IDC examiner guaranteed that Chrome OS surpassed OS X in the US.
PC shipments recorded a decrease a month ago.
Dell overwhelmed HP in the US PC shipments a month ago.
Google’s Chrome OS-fueled portable workstations and PCs have interestingly beat Apple’s OS X-based Mac PCs in the US. The Verge refers to IDC Research Director, Devices and Displays, Linn Huang who affirmed the news.
It’s important that statistical surveying firm IDC doesn’t report any figures demonstrating the shipment figures of Chrome OS PCs versus Apple’ Mac PCs. The Verge cites Huang. “Chrome OS surpassed Mac OS in the US as far as shipments without precedent for 1Q16. Chequebooks are still to a great extent a US K-12 story.”
The news comes during an era when overall PC shipments were recorded to show decay. IDC a month ago had promised that 60.6 million units in the principal quarter of 2016 were transported which was a year-on-year decrease of 11.5 percent. The decrease in PC shipments was expected to be moderately powerless amid Q1 2016 as Microsoft’s Windows 10 venture redesigns were to a great extent stayed in pilot stage while buyer request stays frail. IDC had assured that PC shipments to the US fell 5.8 percent to 13.6 million units in Q1 16.

While reporting the tremendous decrease in PC shipments a month ago, Huang had said. “Interest for PCs in the US stays slow. Notwithstanding, we ought to go into a time of relief. Crest corporate and instruction purchasing seasons have generally started in the second quarter. With some it purchasers considering early Windows 10 moves and the potential proceeded with climbing of Chromebooks in U.S. K-12, the PC business sector ought to encounter an unobtrusive bounce back in the coming months.” Previous month, Dell overwhelmed HP interestingly since 2009 in the US PC market.

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