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BlackBerry's Second Android Phone Tipped to Launch at MWC 2016

BlackBerry's Second Android Phone Tipped to Launch at MWC 2016

BlackBerry’s second Android-based cell phone might dispatch at MWC 2016 one week from now in Barcelona, as per another report. The organization in December had implied at another Android telephone dispatch in 2016.
The new report includes that BlackBerry’s implied second Android cell phone, said to be codenamed “Vienna”, will be estimated lower than the Priv cell phone. No date for the dispatch has been given.
To review, the BlackBerry “Vienna” was seen in pictures back in November and demonstrated that the organization might jettison the slider plan for its second Android telephone and might decide on its notable physical console forthright outline, already seen on different BlackBerry telephones. The front of the handset was seen lodging the presentation and the physical console underneath it. The back incorporated the camera with blaze while the physical catches for volume was seen on the right board and power on the left side, according to the spilled pictures.
To be noted is that the BlackBerry Priv was codenamed “Venice” in front of dispatch. To review, BlackBerry CEO John Chen at CES recently had demonstrated that the organization might dispatch another Android cell phone in 2016 which will be focused at the mid-range portion. Chen however was likewise answered to indicate about not one but rather two telephones – both running Google’s Android OS.

Obviously, as with all bits of gossip and breaks, we encourage perusers to take the above data about the BlackBerry “Vienna” with a squeeze of salt, as the organization has yet to make any declarations about its new Android cell phone and the validity of the sources can’t be freely checked.

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