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Apple Finally Fixes Safari's Twitter Link Problem

Apple has determined the issue that kept Twitter’s short URLs “t.co” from stacking on its Safari Web program. The as of late discharged third beta of OS X 10.11.4 to engineers settles the bug, as per a few clients. Individuals on the steady OS X cycle ought to expect the bug settled in the coming weeks.
A designer named Dieter Komendera tweeted for the current week that the irritating bug has at long last been determined. “Apple simply sent back my radar about http://t.co urls not working in Safari, saying it’s altered in most recent 10.11.4 beta,” he composed and along these lines got a gesture from numerous different engineers. While that is an appreciated move, right now just engineers and clients agreed to the beta project can use it.
Toward the end of last year, clients began to whine that they were not able open t.co URLs on Safari Web program. This, as you could envision, was exceptionally irritating as Twitter, of course, changes over all Web addresses on the informal community to “t.co” short URLs. This implied a client was not ready to open any connection from Twitter on Safari.

In case you’re on the steady OS X cycle, there are a few workarounds that you could fall back on until Apple makes the bug fix accessible to you. These workarounds incorporate uprooting “https” from the t.co URL. Then again, you can likewise have a go at clearing Safari’s store. Furthermore, obviously, you can simply attempt an alternate Web program, for example, Google Chrome or Vivaldi or Firefox to surf Twitter.

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