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Android Studio is a mainstream programming improvement environment (otherwise called incorporated advancement environment) that empowers software engineers and induces from all around the globe direct access to the apparatuses for coding, troubleshooting, execution streamlining, form similarity checking, equipment similarity checking (different android gadgets and screen size, including tablets), and numerous different devices that can help designers to better mechanize procedure of coding and empower snappier cycle and revelation. Android Studio highlights those apparatuses, including a number that can help software engineers to effortlessly make their android-based undertaking from origination to conclusive dispersion. That incorporates instruments for outline, test, troubleshoot, arranging and profiling your application.

Interface of Android Studio is extremely advanced and intelligent, empowering clients to effectively change their UI by relocating segments and see windows, with full backing for operating in multi-screen situations.
With flawless Android copying on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux and completely coordinated backing for Google Cloud Platform, Android Studio speaks to the best SDE bundle that you can discover today to ensure that applications for Android gadgets.
Android Studio Features:
Savvy code proofreader
At the center of Android Studio is a savvy code proofreader fit for cutting edge code consummation, refractory, and code investigation. The intense code editorial manager allows you to be a more gainful Android application designer.
Code layouts and GitHub combination
New venture wizards make it simpler than at any other time to start another undertaking. Begin ventures utilizing the format code for examples, for example, route drawer and perspective pagers, and even import Google code tests from GitHub.
Multi-screen application improvement
Assemble applications for Android telephones, tablets, Android Wear, Android TV, Android Auto and Google Glass. With the new Android Project View and module support in Android Studio, it’s simpler to monitor application tasks and assets.
Virtual gadgets for all shapes and sizes
Android Studio comes pre-designed with an enhanced emulator picture. The redesigned and streamlined Virtual Device Manager gives pre-characterized gadget profiles to basic Android gadgets.
Android fabricates advanced, with Gradle
Make numerous APKs for your Android application with diverse elements utilizing the same undertaking. Oversee application conditions with Maven. Assembly APKs from Android Studio or the order line.
More about Android Studio:
  • Built on IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition, the famous Java IDE by JetBrains.
  • Adaptable Gradle-based formal framework.
  • Manufacture variations and different APK era.
  • Extended layout support for Google Services and different gadget sorts.
  • Rich designs editorial manager with backing for topic altering.
  • Build up devices to capture execution, ease of use, rendition similarity, and different issues.
  • Spread and application marking abilities.
  • Worked in backing for Google Cloud Platform, making it effortless to incorporate Google Cloud Messaging and App Engine.

Setup 1.15 GB                       Setup 291.51 MB


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