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8 Best WordPress Hosting Options Compared 2017
8 Best WordPress Hosting Options Compared 2017

8 Best WordPress Hosting Options Compared 2017

Discovering best WordPress Hosting can be a difficult procedure. You require an answer that will do equity to your substance, offer shake strong unwavering quality and ideally not burn up all available resources. 8 Best WordPress Hosting Options Compared 2017, Fortunately the Hosting market has never been more focused. Another age of WordPress-centered organizations have developed who’ve increased current standards significantly regarding cost and execution.

The awful news is that it’s as yet precarious swimming through the backwoods of highlights and bundles with a specific end goal to work out what’s appropriate for your site.

In this article we’ve embarked to streamline matters for you by running the manage more than seven of the best Hosting organizations out there: WP Engine, SiteGround, Bluehost, Page.ly, Flywheel, Dreamhost, Hostgator, and InMotion.

Update: Here is the short form of our WordPress Hosting contextual investigation, in case you’re in a rush. Don’t hesitate to look down to peruse the total post (counting philosophy/information).

Our discoveries uncover that SiteGround and WP Engine are the reasonable champs for WordPress clients.

SiteGround offers unmatched costs for their WordPress Hosting administrations, which was sufficient to put them on our radar. In any case, it was their WordPress-accommodating highlights that wrapped everything up, for example, a free trump card Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) authentication, quick help, and day by day reinforcements with up to 30 duplicates away on their GrowBig design (which we consider to be their best component). To put it plainly, Siteground is ideal for bloggers and entrepreneurs,

WPEngine is a standout amongst the most costly WordPress Hosting suppliers available, yet its quality more than compensates for the high cost. This WordPress-driven web have is particularly appropriate to quickly developing locales. Furthermore, they offer undertaking grade security highlights, but at a cost of forbidding a couple of prominent modules because of security vulnerabilities. You can begin with their least expensive arrangement, at that point update as important.

Best WordPress Hosting Comparison for 2017

Avg. load time (LoadImpact, approx.) /ms400 (.4s — After caching)260 (.26s)0.8s
Bandwidthunlimited25,000 visits / monthunlimited
Hosting TypeSharedManagedShared
Custom Support (response time /m)0.251112
Cost per month$3.95$29$4.19

We’ll cover speed, performance and price to help you narrow things down. Before we get into the nitty-gritty though, let’s discuss what you should be looking for in a hosting partner generally.

What to Look for in Your Hosting Company

Hosting isn’t everyone’s specialized topic or most loved subject on the planet so it’s essential to have an unmistakable picture of what you ought to expect as standard from the start.

We’ll kick things off here with a glance at highlights that ought to just be non-debatable in any strong WordPress Hosting setup.

Speed: Web clients are famously eager so speed is essential. Google are likewise getting serious about moderate destinations so you truly can’t bear to be slack around there. This is particularly the situation with regards to WordPress Hosting. Left un optimized, WordPress can be an asset substantial application so you require first rate equipment set up to get the most value for your money.

Full list of capabilities: This isn’t particular to WordPress Hosting obviously yet it ought to abandon saying that you’re Hosting supplier offers email records and sending, fitting server get to and incredible tooling on the administrator side.

Security: Nothing ruins a day snappier than finding your site has been pawned by content kiddies. Your host ought to have certainly secure frameworks set up to deflect basic assaults.

Support: Excellent help is fundamental in a Hosting supplier. You ought to have the capacity to achieve well disposed and proficient help individuals at any hour of the day or night. Sticking around on email tickets isn’t adequate if there’s a genuine issue.

WordPress-accommodating Hosting: WordPress has its own particular necessities and idiosyncrasies and only one out of every odd host is set up to deal with it ideally. At the present time, WordPress in a perfect world should keep running on PHP 5.6 (or more noteworthy) and MySQL 5.5 (or more prominent) to maintain a strategic distance from security vulnerabilities and conceivably broken highlights. Search for a host with a solid reputation in managing WordPress destinations.

Estimating and incentive for cash: It’s all exceptionally well having a super-quick, super-secure server, and a marvelous site, however in the event that you’re burning through ten fold the amount of on it as you can ever would like to get back, all that exertion is futile.

What We’ll Cover

We’ll be going over a great deal of ground in the rest of this piece so don’t hesitate to hit us up in the remarks on the off chance that anything is indistinct en route.

Not at all like numerous other Hosting guides which are one-sided for one specific supplier from the get go, we’ve checked on each of the hosts absolutely freely and are cheerful to answer any inquiries you may have.

How about we begin penetrating into detail and take a gander at the distinctive sorts of WordPress Hosting that are really accessible for your site.

What is: WordPress Hosting and Server Types

Hosting options run the array from extremely essential shared Hosting as far as possible up to having your site’s own one of a kind Dedicated server. The hosts we’ll be taking a gander at later each offer practically the full range by means of their different bundles.

In this area, we will take a hurricane visit through some key contrasts between essential sorts of Hosting to ensure you have some foundation setting for later on. In case you’re generally experienced around there as of now, don’t hesitate to skip ahead.

Managed versus Unmanaged WordPress Hosting

Overseen WordPress Hosting is the place everything in regards to your site is dealt with for you by the Hosting organization. You don’t have to stress over server setup or security settings and uptime ought to be essentially impenetrable. With unmanaged Hosting, you are given space on a server and what occurs next is basically up to you. In spite of the fact that it’s more than conceivable to set up, run and keep up an establishment with an unmanaged have, there are various clear reasons why an oversaw choice bodes well:

  • In the case of anything turns out badly, you have individuals close by to help and it’s their concern and also yours.
  • You’re not compelled to worry about the concern of framework organization for your site. Running a fruitful WordPress site is sufficiently hard without continually fussing over ports, intermediaries and potential server emergencies.
  • Overseen Hosting alternatives will in all likelihood have preferred security frameworks set up over anything you can throw together and your WordPress introduces will be consequently redesigned with each new discharge.

The designs we’ll be trying in our gathering are altogether overseen, yet it’s as yet valuable to have a thought of the distinctive choices accessible to you. We’ll rapidly keep running over the fundamental upsides and downsides of every option before getting serious.

WordPress Hosting: Traditional Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting is the basic section level point for those new to WordPress. It’s the place a solitary host divides segments of its servers to various sites. Everything runs one next to the other and each site can just access its own portion of the server. There are obviously advantages and disadvantages to this game plan. We should begin with the in addition to focusing:

  • Cost: Shared Hosting is ordinarily the least expensive method for Hosting a site. Arrangements as low as $2.95 a month are accessible.
  • Low server upkeep trouble: You’re restricted in how much access you have to the real server you’re on, yet the host will deal with introducing and refreshing administrations, for example, PHP and MySQL.
  • Simple overhauls: If your site begins to get steam, most shared Hosting suppliers will give simple relocation devices to one of their further development Hosting bundles.

It isn’t all peaches and cream with shared Hosting, be that as it may. There are likewise various hindrances to consider:

  • Absence of control: If you need to arrange propelled server choices, you most likely won’t have the capacity to on a mutual Hosting bundle. This isn’t generally a major issue yet it can toss a genuine spanner underway in case you’re not mindful of it ahead of time.
  • Execution: Shared Hosting bundles have entered a wide margin throughout the years however most will even now battle on the off chance that you begin to encounter high activity. You’re additionally helpless against drowsiness caused by issues with different locales on the machine you happen to be facilitated on.
  • Security: Many destinations on one machine implies numerous more courses for awful folks to possibly get at your site. In spite of the fact that most shared Hosting suppliers are quite thorough with all inclusive security, there is as yet a hazard there so ensure you’re going down sensibly.


WordPress Hosting: Virtual Private Server (VPS)

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is an awesome in the middle of respond for locales that are too huge or asset substantial to truly function admirably on a mutual Hosting account however that possibly don’t legitimize having their own server. Through the supernatural occurrence of virtualization, Virtual Private Servers allocate server space such that you are successfully running your own particular machine in disengagement. Once more, there are upsides and downsides to this. Here are the fundamental focal points:

  • You’re in charge: Outside of the fundamental equipment available to you, you‘re in the absolute summoning of your own assets with a VPS and allowed to design it anyway you need, inside reason.
  • Savvy: VPS is more costly than shared Hosting, yet you regularly approach extensively more power and adaptability. A very much tuned, minimal effort VPS can conceivably convey some very amazing WordPress execution.
  • Security: Your site lives in its own particular minimal world on a standard VPS setup so you’re not in danger from boisterous neighbors or vulnerabilities close-by.

Likewise with anything, there are cons to consider when taking a gander at running a VPS:

  • Your control isn’t adding up to: You’re allowed to tinker with arrangement and settings, however the equipment itself is still outside your territory of control. For a great many people, this won’t be an issue, however the reality remains that you are leasing a room as opposed to purchasing the deeds to the property.
  • You require a framework chairman: Maintaining a server on a business-basic, open, confronting site isn’t for the cowardly. With a VPS, each part of your site’s specialized setup is your concern, so you either require the specialized cleaves to deal with that with certainty or somebody in your group who can deal with things.

WordPress Hosting: Dedicated

Dedicated WordPress Hosting is basically the highest point of the Hosting tree. It’s the following sensible advance up from running a VPS when you need full control over your own physical machine. In case you’re at or close to this stage, it’s probable that you definitely know more than you at any point needed to about server setups all in all so we won’t invest any energy in it in this article.

To place things more or less with this alternative, then in addition to focuses are adding up to control and the drawback is frequently restrictive valuing and an overwhelming framework organization load. For a succinct rundown of the three fundamental alternatives we condensed above, look no more distant than the delineated video underneath.

With all that introductory information behind us, let’s move on to the hosting companies we’ll actually be reviewing.

Best WordPress Hosting Providers for 2017

We will run the manage more than Seven Hosting suppliers specifically, each offering bundles, particularly custom fitted for WordPress clients. We should meet the competitors!

01. WP Engine

wpengine WordPress hosting

Our first hopeful isn’t bashful about approaching. WP Engine portrays its item as basically “the best WordPress Hosting” – an intense claim to commence with.

The organization offers itself on powerful framework, site speed and security alongside outstanding help. With more than 220,000 right now dynamic WordPress establishments and genuine financing behind it, WP Engine is especially one of the enormous monsters in the WordPress Hosting space.

WP Engine offer various standard bundles split out by movement, stockpiling and number of destinations that can be facilitated. These range in cost from $29 to $249 every month. For our tests, we kept running on the section level Personal bundle.

02. Site Ground

siteground hosting for WordPress

SiteGround’s shared Hosting bundles are appropriate for destinations of all way of locales yet they likewise give WordPress-particular alternatives which incorporate a single tick introduces and auto-refreshes.

SiteGround offer day by day reinforcements, server seclusion and every minute of every day bolster on each of the three WordPress bundles with estimating running from $9.95 every month to $29.95 every month. Authority highlights, for example, a single tick WordPress Staging and GIT bolster are accessible on the higher-layered bundles.

03. Bluehost


Bluehost has been on the authority WordPress Hosting page for a long time and offer some truly specific choices for the stage nowadays and incorporate help for the convenient site administration instrument ManageWP. Their oversaw WordPress Hosting bundles run from $24.99 to $169.99 every month relying upon movement and number of locales facilitated.

Bluehost offer server setups particularly improved for WordPress with NGINX and custom PHP-FPM designs in the engine.

Security is additionally worried with Sitelock Security and progressed CDN choices set up

04. Page.ly


Page.ly doesn’t steer clear of the real issue with its advertising claims, charging itself as “the most adaptable WordPress stage on the planet”. They gloat a fortunate list of customers including goliaths, for example, Disney, Twitter and Facebook.

We utilized their entrance level Business Hosting bundle for the motivations behind this article however a suite of different alternatives are on offer going from $99 every month as far as possible up to an incredible $1799 every month.

Page.ly influence utilization of Amazon To web Servers (AWS) to control their Hosting with cutting edge security and execution frameworks set up as PressARMOR, PressCDN, and PressCACHE.

WordPress-related undertakings can be completed from Page.ly’s Atomic Core control board.

05. Flywheel


Flywheel have pitched their administrations solidly at originators and inventive organizations and offer propelled site joint effort apparatuses and affiliate alternatives.

Flywheel offer a scope of evaluating alternatives to provide food for different situations alongside WordPress-tuned servers, arranging site choices and simple exchange charging to customers. On a compensation for each site premise, estimating ranges from $15 every month to $75 every month. Mass designs covering 10 and 30 destinations are accessible at $100 and $250 every month individually.

06. DreamHost


DreamHost is novel in the WordPress Hosting world. They offer both a common arrangement and an oversaw one – both pointed towards WordPress clients – with a solitary installment structure for each. The two designs empower you to have boundless destinations, and also all the space and transfer speed you’ll require.

One might say that most has offering one-estimate fits-all designs have a tendency to give an administration that is less centered, yet DreamHost figures out how to keep their gauges high.

Their mutual arrangement costs $7.95 every month, while their oversaw elective expenses $16.95 for a similar period.

07. HostGator Cloud


HostGator is a prestigious name in the web Hosting world, however not a dearest one. Loads of experienced clients tend to look down on their Hosting plans, yet they’ve now emerged ready to take care of business with a solid offering for WordPress clients – their WordPress Cloud Hosting designs.

Their fundamental arrangement got better than average outcomes amid our tests (a greater amount of which later), and they begin at a sensible $7.96 every month, going up to $14.36 every month.

08. InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting's logo.

InMotion is one of the greatest names in Hosting. Their WordPress designs are especially alluring because of spending plan neighborly costs.

While InMotion doesn’t exceed expectations in a specific range, it offers a general tolerable WordPress encounter. Stacking speeds aren’t uncommon, yet aren’t too awful either. Their help group is agreeable and proficient, however regularly take ages to reply. On the off chance that we needed to aggregate up InMotion in a solitary word, it would be “normal”.

Their least expensive arrangement comes in at a shockingly low $2.95 every month. For the highlights they offer, that is a standout amongst other costs around. For whatever length of time that you don’t expect uncommon execution, at that point you’ll be content with them.

So, we’ve met our competitors and covered some of their standout features. Let’s briefly review how we went about the actual tests before getting on to how the hosts performed.


BlueHost ended up as the winner at last for us (for oversaw Hosting) in any case, having kicked the feels worn out on every one of the eight suppliers, we were agreeably astounded at the general nature of offerings in plain view.

On the off chance that you are searching for a more sensible alternative, SiteGround is the second best decision. They have practically same highlights as WPEngine and thinks of super quick help.

Contrasted with the dim days of even five or six years back, it truly is astounding how much better choices for essentially and moderately Hosting a WordPress site have gotten.

As we specified at the highest point of the article, oversaw WordPress Hosting truly is the approach unless you’re conveying extensive server-level aptitude to the table. Each of the eight Hosting suppliers studied performed honorably in their particular ways.

In the last we will suggest the best hosting that we are also using  is BlueHost & we strongly recommend to purchase the hosting for WordPress from BlueHost.


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